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Assisting public servants with multilingual communications

Governments serve the public, but what about the public servants. Who will serve them? When it comes to communications and translation services, Certrans does!

Vast multinational, multilingual experience

At every level, we assist government officials and their agencies to communicate effectively and efficiently with diverse audiences and stakeholders. We ace at everything from content creation to translation and interpretation, editing and proofreading, and localization of projects beyond regions and across borders.

What we offer to government agencies


Government translation services

Government services hinge on the precision and accuracy of information. Our team of professional translators provides accurate, secure government translations to governmental agencies at national, regional and local level as well as to municipalities.

Confidential government translation services

We recognise the significance of security when it comes to managing government information, so we uphold the highest standards of confidentiality. We translate all confidential material with meticulous care and precision. Plus, we assure that every document’s confidentiality remains secure.

In addition, members of our team in Germany have security clearance to translate classified documents. For this purpose, we also have workstations available that are not connected to the Internet and accept assignments in paper form or on a USB stick. Classified translations will only be performed in-house with staff experienced in this kind of work.

Our expertise

Certrans has demonstrable expertise working with public organisations. We have successfully delivered high-quality translations which are accurate and secure.

Rapid Delivery

With so many expert linguists and communications professionals on call, Certrans can assemble and handle its project teams swiftly, ensuring that the translations are delivered on time.

Solutions tailored for government

No two projects are alike, and the team of Certrans analyses client requirements before each project, providing an in-depth solution bespoke to fit the requisites of governmental clients.

Linguist expertise

Our linguists working with public services are vetted with extensive training and experience working in this area. They are capable to adjust to the cultural norms of the people and community to ensure the correctness of the information and technical terms used.
All our linguists must meet the following strict criteria:

The most efficient, cost-effective solution available.

Types of government files

Government white papers
Public Sector Guidelines
Government and legal reports for translation
International development programs
Website translation
Government website
PR & marketing communications
Calls for tender
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Why use Certrans for translation services?

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Native human translation

We assign native-speaking, professional translators to your project with years of experience and expertise.

Data security

We protect your data to guarantee it remains safe and confidential at all times.

24/7 support

Our customer care team is here to provide top quality support whenever you may need them.

Quality promise

You can depend on certrans to provide you with the most precise and reliable language translation services.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers come first and we strive to delight and assure customer satisfaction.